Package Repository


We are excited to announce that a new official skycoin APT repository is now available!

Please switch the APT repository configured in your software sources from to if you desire the latest skycoin software.

To Use The Official Skycoin APT Repository (with any existing deb system) -


1) Add the repository to your apt sources

(as root or use sudo):

add-apt-repository 'deb sid main'

If add-apt-repository is not be available, install it with apt install software-properties-common or just manually edit your /etc/apt/sources.list (as root or use sudo):

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following:

deb sid main
#deb-src sid main

2) Add the repository signing key

as root:

curl -L | apt-key add -

with sudo this would be:

curl -L | sudo apt-key add -

If you have difficulty with configuring this repository, you may attempt manually downloading and installing the package

3) Resync the package database:

(as root or use sudo)

apt update

4) Install skywire (or any other package):

(as root or use sudo)

apt install skywire-bin

provided is the packaged binary release of skywire, latest version

At the point you have completed the above, skywire is configured and running as hypervisor.

you should see something like this:


open the desired link in your web browser (on linux, right click > open link)

5) Configuring additional visors

The process for configuring additional visors entails first repeating steps 1-4

when skywire is installed on the next board, the text referenced in the previous step (which is printed out upon installation of the package) contains the commands to configure additional visors to use the hypervisor which was just installed.

the text will be printed again by running:


copy / paste the commands in cyan to other nodes as directed.

These commands to generate the visor-with-remote-hypervisor configuration will always be updated in the skywire-autoconfig script with any changes introduced by the current version.

Note: do not run the commands in cyan on the same board as printed them out.

this will yeild an incorrect config file and the hypervisor will no longer be available.

To remedy this situation, if you have accidentally run the commands on the same board that printed them out, simply remove the config you generated and run skywire-autoconfig again

rm /opt/skywire/skywire-visor.json

then run the commands that print out on other boards as specified

6) Troubleshooting

If you encounter errors during installation, try the following:

uninstall any partially installed skywire package:

dpkg --purge skywire-bin

sometimes part of the skybian installation blocks the package from being installed correctly. To fix this, simply remove the apps directory from /usr/bin.

rm -rf /usr/bin/apps

now attempt to install skywire again

apt install skywire-bin

7) Updating your system and the skywire installation.

Any new version of packages which are added to repositories you have configured in your apt sources will be installed with the following commands (as root or use sudo):

apt update
apt upgrade

Additionally, refer to the notes on the current skywire release at the beginning of this document for details on any manual intervention which is necessary for updates to work. And remember: